Retired California firefighter came face-to-face with London knifeman

A retired California firefighter who was stabbed in the right arm during Wednesday’s deadly knife attack in London said he tried to stop the assailant who managed to duck under his arms and continue his rampage.

Marty Hoenisch, 59, the firefighter from San Jose, said he and his wife had just arrived in London and were walking back from a pub when they saw a woman in distress. His first reaction was to step in front of his wife, and then to try and stop the attacker.

"I'm a firefighter. I'm a good guy," he said Saturday. "Any guy would try to stop this."

The attacker managed to slip by Hoenisch and stabbed him in the right arm.

"He never broke his stride," Hoenisch said, adding that he looked down and "my hand was all red."

Zakaria Bulhan of London is accused of killing a retired American teacher, 64-year-old Darlene Horton.  He is also charged with attempting to murder two Australians, an Israeli, another American and a British citizen who were wounded in the attack. The victims were named in court Saturday for the first time.

“It makes me sick she got killed,” Hoenisch told The Mercury News. “It’s just so sad.”

Bulhan, who moved from Norway to Britain as a child, mumbled his name, address and date of birth during the hearing Saturday at Westminster Magistrates Court. When asked if he understood the charges, he gave a thumb's up gesture. He will appear at the Central London Criminal Court on Aug. 9.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.