Qaddafi's Son Claims Forces Have Not Bombed Civilians

Colonel Qaddafi's son has exclusively claimed on Sky News that Libyan government forces have not targeted civilians in bombings of the rebel-controlled eastern town of Brega.

In an interview with Sky's foreign correspondent Lisa Holland, Saif al Islam Qaddafi admitted there had been raids to "scare off" anti-Qaddafi forces at the town's oil hub, but insisted there was no uprising.

It comes amid continuing fighting around the town, where television pictures have shown bombs being dropped.

Fears are mounting over the humanitarian crisis in the conflict torn-country and the country's leader and his sons faces a probe by the international war crimes tribunal.

Saif al Islam took Holland and a Sky News crew to a suburb of capital Tripoli, where there are said to have been bombing raids against protesters.

The pair were given a warm reception by a small group of people chanting pro-Qaddafi slogans.

Afterwards, he told Holland: "The sound of our people is very clear and loud."

He said only "real Libyans, ordinary people" could tell the "truth" about what is happening in the country, which has seen more than a week of violent clashes between protesters and his father's security forces.

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