Protesters block east-based Libyan parliament before session

Libyan lawmakers say dozens of protesters have blocked the gates of the parliament based in the country's east, preventing a crucial session.

The house was to convene on Monday for the first time since the new U.N. envoy for Libya, Ghassan Salame, assumed his post.

Salame has proposed new ideas to break the political stalemate by amending the country's peace deal. Libya is split into competing governments and two parliaments and an array of rival militias.

Lawmaker Fawzia Abu-Ghalia said she flew in from Tripoli for the session in the eastern city of Tobruk but added that she and other lawmakers "found the parliament closed" by protesters, mostly young men demanding their salaries.

Another lawmaker, Abu Bakr Ahmed Said, said on Facebook that negotiations are underway to resolve the issue.