Pole banned from Nepal mountains after illegal entry

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A Pole who illegally traversed Mount Everest has been banned from climbing in Nepal for 10 years and faces deportation, an official said Thursday.

Janusz Adam Adamski, 49, had scaled Everest from the Chinese side last month and descended on Nepal's side, said Nepal's Mountaineering Department official Durga Dutta Dhakal. Adamski had no visa to enter Nepal or permit to scale Everest, he said.

Dhakal said the Mountaineering Department imposed the ban and handed him over to the Immigration Department, which is likely to deport him.

Adamski is the second climber who was banned this year after South African Ryan Sean Davy was caught attempting to scale Everest without the permit last month.

Hundreds of climbers and their guides scaled Everest during the spring mountaineering season from both Nepal and Chinese sides of the peak. The season ended last week.

Climbers must pay the $11,000 fee and get a permit from Nepalese authorities.