Playmate Defends Appearance at Mexico's Presidential Debate

A former Playboy playmate and model, declared the "winner" of Mexico's first presidential debate thanks to her skin-tight white dress and plunging neckline said she's surprised by the frenzy caused by her 30-second appearance.

Julia Orayen spoke to Cadénatres Noticias, a Mexican variety show, about life since her debate appearance, the social media backlash, and how the infamous dress was chosen.

The fact that a woman is physically attractive, does not mean that she doesn't have other qualities.

— Julia Orayen, Former Playboy Playmate

"They had told me I had to wear a white dress," Orayen said. "I brought in a few options but the only long dress I had was the one I wore.

"I thought that I could cover up my neckline." she added. "I didn't think the dress would be that open. I didn't think it would cause this much attention."

But it did. And lots of it.

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By Monday, Julia was one of the most popular Twitter trends in Mexico City and her photos were splashed across newspaper front pages and websites across the country. On the TV show, she joked about "winning" the debate.

"My first action as president will be to erase various accounts on Twitter," Orayen said, jokingly. "Those people who took it badly, it's out of my hands. It wasn't my intention."

Alfredo Figueroa, director of the Federal Electoral Institute responsible for organizing the debate, blamed the incident on a production associate hired by the institute to help with the debate, according to the Associated Press. The institute later issued an apology for the woman's dress to Mexican citizens and the candidates.

Orayen took a stand for female beauty as well on the show. She has had a nude spread commemorating Mexican Independence Day in which she appears in minimal garb modeled on images of Mexican founding father, José María Morelos.

"The fact that a woman is physically attractive does not mean that she doesn't have other qualities,” she said. "It does not mean that you have to qualify her as something else.”

Orayen's described her national television appearance as a pressure filled moment.

"But you had to concentrate - while worrying about getting the timing right," she added.

No word yet on how much Orayen made for her television spot. But a Playboy-type payday doesn't seem likely.

"I didn't make as much as people speculate I did," she said.

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