Pigs released in protest at Kenyan parliament that is tear gassed by police

Kenyan demonstrators released nearly three dozen piglets outside parliament to protest the country's legislator's demands for a salary raise.

Police and parliament officials chased the piggies after using tear gas, truncheons and water cannons to disperse the nearly 250 protesters who marched through downtown Nairobi Tuesday and sat down at the entrance to parliament.

The protesters said they released the piglets to symbolize "the greed of the country's legislators."

Boniface Mwangi, one of the protest organizers, told an Associated Press reporter from a police cell that he had been arrested with 15 others.

Not all the pigs were caught by police and some were eating flower beds in front of parliament.

Kenyan legislators want to reverse a government commission ruling that shrank their salaries from around $126,000 to $78,500.