North Korea crisis: The view from Seoul

There was another show of force on the Korean peninsula. Nearly 4,000 U.S. and South Korean troops plus a lot of ships and trucks staging a mock amphibious landing of cargo at a South Korean coastal town.

Logistical back-up we’re told that would be crucial in the event of any full-scale war with North Korea.

“It keeps us ready in the event of a miscalculated gambit by  North Korea,” noted Seoul-based North Korea expert KyongSoo Lho told us.

This and other U.S.-South Korea military exercises drive North Korea up the wall, calling them “a rehearsal for invasion.”

The regime today had equally tough words today for the deployment of the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group, officials calling the move “reckless” and saying the North was “ready for war.”

It is a big week in Pyongyang. Today saw their annual rubber-stamp parliament meeting. Saturday the anniversary of the birthdate of the country’s founder Kim il Sung.

Along with the roll-out in the capital city of the latest in the regime’s military might, experts say the regime might also launch another banned ballistic missile or test an even larger nuclear device.

Trump administration officials call this the result of a failed 20 years of talks

“I wouldn’t call it a failure,” responded expert Lho, “I think we could have done better.”

With President Trump again tweeting today that the U.S. could go it alone to deal with North Korea if need be, there are renewed fears of the fall-out from a military strike.

“‘Pre-emptive’ sounds good but in reality it could unleash a war on Korean peninsula,” KyongSoo Lho says, “There was a window when that would have been possible….that window has passed.”

Which leaves many people wondering, what is next for the Korean peninsula and the problem of Kim Jung Un.