Munich bans backpacks from this year's Oktoberfest

Munich city officials say they're banning backpacks from this year's Oktoberfest and plan to erect a fence in an effort to increase security after recent attacks rattled Germany.

Deputy mayor Josef Schmid said Wednesday that bags of more than 3 liters (0.8 gallons) in capacity won't be allowed into the annual beer celebration, which runs Sept. 17-Oct. 3. The number of security staff also will be increased.

Schmid said a 350-meter (380-yard) fence will be put up to secure a previously open entrance to the festival grounds.

Bavaria was shaken last month by three attacks in a week. Two were carried out by asylum-seekers and claimed by the Islamic State group. Only the attackers were killed. Unrelatedly, a teenager killed nine people in a shooting rampage in Munich.