Missing US Teen Found Dead from 'Ritual' Hallucinogen in Peru, Police Say

An 18-year-old missing American died after eating a hallucinogenic plant during a spiritual ritual in Peru.

Police in Peru say a shaman has been arrested after confessing to burying the U.S. citizen who died after eating the plant during a ritual.

Two other men have also been arrested for allegedly helping shaman Jose Manuel Pineda bury the young man who died at a spiritual retreat in Puerto Maldonado in the Madre de Dios jungle region.

Authorities said Wednesday that the shaman, who calls himself "Maestro Mancoluto," told them that Kyle Nolan died after exceeding the dosage of a medicinal plant called Ayahuasca on Aug. 22.

Nolan arrived in the city about 860 kilometers (530 miles) east of Lima on Aug. 17 and was reported missing on Aug. 27 when he didn't return to the U.S.

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Nolan's hometown hasn't been released.

Reporting by the Associated Press.

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