BEIJING (AP) — A man reportedly angry over his divorce axed a woman and two children to death early Wednesday and wounded three others, state media cited police as saying.

The 37-year-old man named Liang Dongqiu allegedly killed his sister-in-law and a boy and a girl, aged nine and eight respectively, in the city of Hechi in the Guangxi region, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

Calls to the Hechi city police rang unanswered.

Liang also wounded his 72-year-old father-in-law and two neighbors, the report said. Xinhua cited police as saying Liang's rampage was sparked by his wife divorcing him.

Police have arrested Liang and are holding him in custody, the report said.

China has seen a spate of violent attacks at schools and in public spaces this year that have left dozens dead and wounded scores more. The seemingly unrelated attacks have prompted calls for more attention to diagnosing serious mental illnesses and concern over the toll economic disparity and stress are taking on the nation's emotional health.

Assailants in previous attacks often had mental illness, grudges against their victims or anger over personal failures.