Mali separatists say soldiers publicly executed 9 Tuaregs in north village; army investigating

A coalition of separatist groups says Malian soldiers executed nine Tuareg residents of a village in the country's north.

The Coordination of Azawad Movements said Friday that the nine people were arrested by armed groups allied with the army and were then publicly executed by soldiers in the village of Tin Hama.

Army spokesman Col. Souleymane Maiga says the accusations are being investigated. He said he can't confirm such actions, but would condemn them.

The Associated Press and human rights groups reported abuses by Mali's army against civilians in 2013. Such abuses have been reported on all sides of the conflict in Mali's north since early 2012 after Tuareg's took over the north, then lost areas to Islamic extremist groups.

A French-led 2013 operation then pushed extremists out.