Makeup artist to the stars arrested for shoplifting luxury items in South Florida

BAL HARBOUR, FLA. –  A makeup artist for several big-name celebrities is accused of shoplifting high end items.

Surveillance video from June caught 57-year-old Leslie Lopez walking into a Saks Fifth Avenue inside the Bal Harbour shops and walking out with merchandise without any receipts. "She stole one Fendi and two Louis Vuittons," said Bal Harbour Captain Miguel De La Rosa. "One of the Louis' was valued at $3,800."

Police said Lopez stole from the store on three different occasions. Once in January, in April and once again in June. Her recent incident totaled $12,000.

After Lopez was arrested, police learned that she was, in fact, a makeup artist to some well-known celebrities. "We found out afterwards that she's a makeup artist by trade, and evidently she is a makeup artist to some very influential individuals," said De La Rosa.

In Miami, police said Lopez made the entire theft look easy. "She does look like a pro. She doesn't show any signs of nervousness," said De La Rosa. "She's not jittery. She's not attracting any attention to herself."

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In the surveillance video, Lopez could be seen picking up an empty shopping bag from the ground. She enters a dressing room with the Louis Vuitton bag and the empty bag and, police said, that is when the theft takes place.

"As she walks out, you can see that she's placed the stolen purse in the tote as if she had purchased it and just nonchalantly walks out of the store," said De La Rosa.

Bal Harbour Police said Lopez turned herself in with her attorney on Monday and now faces felony grand theft charges. She was released on bond.

Police have a warning for others who may plan on going for the five-finger discount. "If you come here and you think that you're going to be able to shoplift and it's just going to be a shoplifting case and no one's going to look into it, no one's going to follow up, they're wrong," said De La Rosa. "It is a grand theft."

In 2012, Lopez was accused of stealing a $1,400 pair of sunglasses from a Norway airport. She denied the allegations.

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