WINNIPEG, Manitoba (AP) — A pair of Canadian high school teachers whose enthusiasm at a pep rally morphed into a mock lap dance that became an Internet sensation are now out of jobs.

Jackie Sneesby, chairwoman of the Winnipeg School Division, said teacher Chrystie Fitchner's resignation was accepted Monday while the short-term contract for Adeil Ahmed expired and would not be renewed.

Stunned students pulled out their cell phones at Churchill High School in February and captured video of the fully clothed couple as they performed a sexually suggestive bump and grind that included a brief moment of simulated oral sex.

School Trustee Mike Babinsky said when the clip was posted to YouTube, there were two millions hits within the first couple of days.

Initially they were suspended with pay, but were told in early March that their suspensions would be without pay.

Sneesby said she wasn't sure why the two young teachers did what they did. She added that even if the dance had not been caught on video, she's convinced the pair still would have been in trouble

Babinsky said he suspects they just got carried away.

"You see a lot on TV that's probably even worse than what they did in that dance. So young people, I guess, believe this is OK, this type of conduct. But it's not. It's not OK," he said.