Israel official: US must be cautious in nuclear talks with Iran

There is growing concern among Iran’s neighbors - including Israel - that the U.S. might be risking regional security in its negotiations with Tehran over its nuclear program.

Ambassador Ido Aharoni of Israel’s Consulate General in New York told his country remains skeptical of any potential deal with Iran.

“We maintain and continue to maintain that the idea of allowing the world’s most dangerous regime to have access to the world’s most dangerous weapon is a bad idea and that the international community simply doesn’t have the luxury of having Iran to achieve military, nuclear operational capabilities,” said Aharoni.

While hopeful a potential deal between the West and Iran could remove Tehran’s threat to his country, he remains skeptical a deal will actually come about.

“One can’t necessarily predict the outcome but we are certain the United States will give us the full backing,” said Aharoni. “The real framing for this discussion is not Iran versus Israel, this is not even about the U.S. versus Iran, this is about Western civilization protecting itself from a very dangerous situation.”

Israel fears a nuclear capable Iran will spark an arms race, with the talks of disarmament then being off the table.

“A nuclear Iran would change the world … it will turn Iran into an untouchable nation, a rogue regime- that’s not a very good idea,” said Aharoni.