Indonesia and Pakistan report more dead from Saudi hajj disaster; AP count shows 1,036 killed

Indonesia and Pakistan have reported more dead from the Saudi hajj disaster.

Indonesia reported Friday that 91 of its pilgrims died in the crush and stampede Sept. 24 near Islam's holy city of Mecca. It said 38 of its citizens remain missing after the disaster in Mina.

Pakistan says 57 of its pilgrims died in the crush and others remain missing.

Pakistan and Indonesia's number increase an Associated Press count of the dead from the disaster to at least 1,036 killed. The total figure could be even larger as the AP survey covered only 15 of the more than 180 countries that sent some 2 million pilgrims to the annual pilgrimage.

Saudi Arabia's latest toll, released Sept. 26, put the death toll at 769 pilgrims.