Hungary's Viktor Orban to make 'significant changes' in govt

Hungary's re-elected prime minister says "significant changes" will be made in his next government.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who won a third consecutive term — and fourth overall — in Sunday's parliamentary election, said Tuesday that "we will not continue governing, but a new government will be formed instead."

Near-complete election results show Orban's Fidesz party winning a supermajority of 134 seats in the 199-seat national assembly.

Critics charge Orban with weakening the democratic system of checks and balances and greatly concentrating power.

Orban said that "Hungary continues to stand on constitutional foundations. Within those, we will do everything that serves the interests of the people."

Orban also said "favored relations" would continue with Poland and the German region of Bavaria, whose politicians came to Hungary to support his re-election campaign.