Hundreds of Cubans gather before Ecuador embassy, expressing frustration at new visa rule

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Hundreds of angry Cubans have gathered in front of Ecuador's embassy in Havana in an unusual public display of discontent. They say they're frustrated by Ecuador's new rule that Cubans need a visa to visit.

The lack of a visa requirement for Cubans made Ecuador a favored destination for those seeking to leave the island and make the 3,400-mile (5,500-kilometer) overland route to the United States, where they can receive automatic legal residency.

Many lined up early in hope of getting a visa, which will be required for travel as of Tuesday. But diplomats told them that they'd have to apply for a visa via a government website. Most Cubans have almost no internet access.

Many in the crowd began chanting "Visa! Visa!" in a sort of impromptu protest.