Around 50 firefighters were on Wednesday battling a huge fire at a recycling plant near Manchester, the fire service said.

Plumes of smoke from the recycling centre in Bredbury in Stockport, near the M60 motorway, could be seen for miles around.

"Around 50 firefighters remain in attendance tackling the blaze at the recycling plant in Bredbury," the Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said in a 6 am statement..

Warren Pickstone, officer in charge of the operation said: "When crews arrived at the recycling plant they were greeted with a large blaze involving a unit at the site.

"Also involved in the fire are a number of large bales containing recyclable materials and other items. Crews are working hard to contain the fire using an aerial appliance and ground monitors."

The Bredbury Parkway recycling centre, operated by Greater Manchester Council, recycles a wide range of goods from asbestos to wood, including paper cardboard and engine oil.