'Hero' abuelita saves man from burning car

MOORESVILLE, NC –  When Rosemary Correa moved away from her grandchildren, she picked up a job at the Super Target in Mooresville.

In her 12 years of working there, she never quite had a day like last Friday.

"A gentleman came in and was saying there was a car on fire in the parking lot," Correa, who works in customer relations, said. "Black smoke was billowing out the windows."

When Correa stepped outside, she took immediate action. She ran towards the burning van.

"I can't imagine not doing it," she said. "I mean this guy was trapped in a burning car and all I could think was that I needed to get him out of there."

She made her way to the engulfed vehicle and yanked a disabled man out. The rescue was not-too-shabby for a 70-year-old grandmother with admitted arthritis.

"To get that adrenaline built up enough for her to run to the car and yank him out is super strange," her husband added.

Rosemary was unharmed. Because of her efforts, she was able to save the man who was trapped inside. He was taken to a local hospital shortly after being removed from the vehicle.

"We are supposed to be taking care of other people," she said. "That's the mandate from Jesus. Take care of others."

The cause of the fire is being investigated.

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