Governor says Mexican mayor's killing was a warning by drug gang

The governor of the southern Mexican state of Morelos says the killing of a mayor was a warning by drug gangs, meant to convince other officials to reject state police control of local forces.

Governor Graco Ramirez blames the Rojos gang for killing mayor Mayor Gisela Mota. The Rojos and the rival Guerreros Unidos gangs have fought turf battles across the neighboring state of Guerrero.

Mota took office as mayor of the city of Temixco on Jan. 1 and was shot at her home on Jan. 2.

Ramirez said Sunday that the killing was a "clear threat" to local officials not accept state police control, which is aimed at combatting corruption in local forces.

Ramirez told local media the gangs wanted to control local police "as happened in the past."