Father caught on CCTV drowning his 3-year-old daughter is jailed for 100 years

A man has been jailed for 100 years after horrifying footage shows him repeatedly throwing his three-year-old stepdaughter into a swimming pool – leaving her to drown.

The incident caused outrage in South America after the CCTV footage was made public and showed the man tossing the child, who could not swim, into the water like a rag doll while other bathers did nothing.

And now the killer identified only as Jose David N. has been jailed for a century without the possibility of parole.

Shot at a hotel swimming pool in Morelia, Mexico in August 2015, the shocking video was enough to convict the cruel man – despite his protests of innocence.

The clip also shows the depraved dad holding the little girl under the water.

While reading out the sentence judge Ana Lilia Garcia Cardona also slammed the step-dad for using the child’s hair to cruelly hold her towards the bottom of the deep pool.

The incident took place while her mother was sleeping in a hotel room.

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