MELBOURNE, Australia -- Cars were struck by falling sheep late Thursday when a truck rolled on a highway in the southern Australian city of Melbourne.

The truck overturned on the highway in western Melbourne about 9:00pm local time. Hundreds of sheep fell from the vehicle and were left strewn across the highway.

At least three cars on the Princes Highway inbound lanes were damaged beyond repair. A 30-year-old man in one of the cars -- which rolled over four times -- was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Three other people including the truck driver were assessed at the scene and escaped injury. An Ambulance Victoria spokeswoman was astounded nobody was seriously hurt.

"It's miraculous," she said.

Attempts to move the truck with a heavy towing vehicle were unsuccessful. The wreck was so heavily wrapped around a highway overpass it was too difficult to move.

Traffic slowed to a one-lane crawl, with many cars slowing down for a look as they passed the scene. The smash caused significant delays and motorists were warned to avoid the area.

Heavy equipment was brought in to remove the truck.

All the sheep were put down.

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