FA issues warning over 'Yid' chants

The Football Association has warned that any fans chanting the word "Yid" could face criminal charges.

The term is used derogatively against Tottenham fans by opposing supporters due to the north London club's links with the Jewish community.

In response, Spurs fans have branded themselves the "Yid Army" in an attempt to reclaim the term, but the game's governing body warned against any use of the word.

"The FA considers that the use of the term 'Yid' is likely to be considered offensive by the reasonable observer and considers the term to be inappropriate in a football setting," a statement read.

"The FA would encourage fans to avoid using it in any situation.

"Use of the term in a public setting could amount to a criminal offence, and leave those fans liable to prosecution and potentially a lengthy Football Banning Order," it added.

West Ham came under fire last season after their fans hissed, mimicking the gassing of the Jews in the Holocaust, when they played Spurs.