Cyprus' supreme court backs firing of deputy attorney general for 'inappropriate behavior'

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Cyprus' Supreme Court has ruled that the country's deputy attorney general should be impeached for "inappropriate behavior" after wrongly accusing his boss of bribery.

The Supreme Court said in its unanimous decision Thursday that Erotokritou acted "heedlessly and irresponsibly" when he made the unfounded allegations during a news conference last April. Erotokritou made the allegations after Attorney General Costas Clerides launched a criminal probe against him when an independent investigation concluded that Erotokritou may be implicated in a bribery case involving a powerful Cypriot law firm.

It's the first time that Cyprus' top court has rendered such a ruling. The Court said it's now up to President Nicos Anastasiades to fire Erotokritou, according to the Constitution.

Erotokritou said he would appeal the ruling at the European Court of Human Rights.