Cosmetics firm Lush criticized over 'police spies' campaign

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Cosmetics retailer Lush has been criticized for using store window displays to criticize undercover police operations.

On Friday, the windows of more than 100 Lush stores in Britain featured displays supporting the Police Spies Out of Lives campaign. The windows include signs saying officers were "paid to lie" and crime scene-style tape reading "police have crossed the line."

Britain is holding a public inquiry into undercover police operations that targeted anti-racism groups, leftists and environmental activists, among others. In some cases, undercover officers formed long-term relationships with those they were spying on.

Calum Macleod, chairman of the Police Federation union, expressed disbelief that "someone, somewhere, actually thought this campaign was a good idea."

Lush said the campaign was not "anti-police," but highlighted a "small and secretive subset of undercover policing."