Construction Worker Rescued After Fall

MIAMI -- A crane caused panic and put a worker's life in serious danger. Getting him to safety was no easy task.

The man broke both his legs while working at a construction site on Saturday. He fell off a beam and had to be rescued as he straddled the beam to stay safe.

"The guy was working and the ball and crane hit him." said Anthony Bayardo through a translator. "Then he fell."

The worker, who is in his late 20s, fractured both legs in the fall of about two stories. City of Miami Fire rescuers arrived at Northwest 12th Avenue and knew it would be tough to get him down. "

At that point," said Miami Fire Rescue Captain David Nuñez, "the units arrived and figured it was very difficult with the rain to actually remove him from the structure to the ground, so we had to put up an aerial ladder and do a high angle rescue."

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Crews attached a basket to the ladder of a fire truck to hoist him up, out of the construction site, then down to the ground. That's where they got a good look at his injuries. "There are two bones in his lower legs that were fractured," said Nuñez, "and possibly one more higher into the femur."

The man is in stable condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Miami Fire Rescue has not released his name.

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