Car owner saves vehicle from would-be thief with flying kick

Australian police have released video of a car owner saving his vehicle from a would-be thief in a scene that looks straight out of an action movie.

The man, who left to pay for gas after filling up in a station near Darwin on Nov. 30, executed a two-footed kick through the car’s passenger side window to reclaim control of his vehicle, CCTV footage shows.

Northern Territory Police say suspect Timothy Slater, 24, lurked behind cover and entered the car when its driver walked away, 9news reports.

As Slater pulled away from the gas pump, the car owner is then seen sliding through the kicked-in car window.

Slater fled the scene – but was caught Wednesday afternoon. He allegedly tried to run over a police officer before being taken into custody, Northern Territory Police Duty Superintendent Louise Jorgensen told ABC News.

Authorities had said they were looking to charge Slater with offenses ranging from aggravated assault to unlawful use of a motor vehicle.