Canadian prime minister heckled by Arab lawmakers in Israeli parliament

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper got a taste of Israel's rough-and-tumble parliament when he was heckled by Arab lawmakers during a speech.

In a speech praising Israel Monday, Harper was condemning efforts to boycott the Jewish state and denouncing people who "disgracefully" call it an apartheid state when two Arab members shouted at him.

Lawmaker Ahmad Tibi screamed "settlements," while a second lawmaker, Talab Abu Arar, then shouted and stormed out of the hall. After the outburst, Harper received a standing ovation from other parliamentarians.

Heckling is common in the Israeli parliament. When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was interrupted by Tibi earlier, he shrugged it off and remarked to Harper that it was an example of Israel's robust democracy.

Harper, a staunch Israeli ally, is on a four-day visit.