A Canadian museum hosting a controversial sex exhibit for teens has raised the age limit for admission following outrage from parents and lawmakers.

"Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition," at Canada's Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa, includes screens displaying aroused genitals, naked statues with light-up erogenous zones and video displays prompting visitors to answer sexually explicit questions, the Ottawa Sun reports.

The exhibit was reportedly designed to "fill in gaps" left by changes to sexual education programs in the region.

The exhibit initially targeted children as young as 12. The age for admission has now been raised to 16, but younger children can still see the exhibit on field trips, the Ottawa Sun reports.

Additionally, an animated video aimed at educating children about exploring their own bodies has been removed.

"This content cannot be defended, and is insulting to taxpayers," said James Maunder, spokesman for federal Heritage Minister James Moore.

The National Museum of Science and Technology reportedly receives about $30 million in federal funding each year. "Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition" cost $800,000 to build, according to the Ottawa Sun.

"If you want to hold something like this that's fine, it can be done with private money, not tax dollars," said Derek Fildebrant of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

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