British School in Hot Water for Fake Playground Shooting

A British middle school was blasted for staging a mock gun murder of a teacher which sobbing students believed was real, The Sun reported Thursday.

Playground students screamed in terror as a hooded intruder "fired" at a male science teacher, who slumped to the ground at Blackminster School in Evesham, southwestern England on Tuesday.

Colleagues pretended to give him the kiss of life as shaking children, aged between 10 and 13, were ushered to the safety of classrooms.

Ten minutes later the students were summoned to a school meeting, where the teacher was paraded alive and well.

Parents claimed some students were so traumatized by the incident that they vomited.

They included one girl whose father was said to have died in a shooting.

The school sent letters of apology, admitting the pistol stunt "went too far."

School principal Terry Holland said, "The role play was part of a science lesson."

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