Brazil's Agriculture Minister tosses wine in Senator's face after 'man-eater' comment

One of Brazil’s most powerful women says she was only defending her honor when she tossed a glass of white wine in the face of an equally powerful elected official who called her a “man-eater.”

Jose Serra, 73, a senator from Sao Paulo and a leader of the opposition Social Democratic Party, came up to Agriculture Minister Katia Abreu at a dinner party Wednesday and said “Katia, I hear you’re a woman who likes to date a lot” using a term, according to The New York Times, that could be roughly translated as “man-eater.”

Abreu, a conservative cattle rancher with presidential aspirations who has drawn the ire of environmentalists, responded by telling Serra, a former presidential candidate, “You’re an inelegant, impolite, arrogant man. That’s why you’ll never get to the presidency of the republic,” the Times reported. Then she tossed the glass of wine in his face.

“I did what any honorable woman would do,” Abreu told Folha, one of Brazil’s biggest newspapers. “I responded like a woman who values her honor.”

The invitees at the dinner included nearly 40 senators as well as Vice President Michel Temer.

Abreu said the episode doesn’t have anything to do with their current differences. Serra is a leading proponent of impeaching Brazil’s embattled President Dilma Rousseff.  She’s a friend of the president and a member of her inner circle, Folha reported.

Serra sought to make light of his comment Thursday.

“It was a complement disguised as a joke,” he said according to Folha. “I apologized. I’ve always had respect for Katia.”