Bosnians who fled Syria describe a hellish war

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A Bosnian woman who fled Syria says the war in the Arab country is worse than the fighting in her homeland 20 years ago.

A group of 35 Bosnians landed at the Sarajevo airport Thursday, flying in from Istanbul after what they described as an eight-day walk across mountains from the Syrian town of Aleppo to Turkey.

Mahmud Abas, his wife Dzenana, and their four children cried as they hugged relatives upon arrival.

They said they were trapped in their Aleppo home for days as Syrian planes bombed the neighborhood.

Dzenana Abas, 33, survived the 1992-95 siege of Sarajevo. But she said what she endured in Aleppo was "beyond belief."

Around 1,000 Bosnians, mostly women married to Syrians, remain trapped in Syria, where rebels are battling President Bashar Assad's regime.