Texas police officer gives man $100 along with ticket

Nearly a month after a story of a New York police officer’s charitable gesture became an Internet sensation, a police officer in Texas—who wants to remain anonymous-- is gaining attention after he gave a man $100 bill folded in a citation.

Hayden Carlo, 25, was pulled over by Plano police because he had an expired registration, Fox2Rio.com reported . He said he told the police officer that he was struggling financially. He said he had to choose between updating his registration and feeding his kids.

Carlo recalled their conversation. He flatly said he doesn't have an excuse for the expired registration except he can't afford a new one.

"I don’t have the money," he told the officer. "It was either feed my kids or get this registration done."

The police officer then handed the driver a citation, but when Carlo unfolded the paper, he saw a crisp $100 bill.

He said he "broke down" in his car. “What else can you do?” he asked.

The charitable act would have gone unnoticed, except Carlo's grandfather was moved to contact the department about the gesture.

Carlo took the money and was able to update both his and his wife's registration with the money.

The officer does not want to be identified. But a department spokesman said he is 43 and has a family. He apparently has a past of doing good deeds at his old post at another police department, The Dallas Morning News reported in an editorial. His coworkers are reportedly planning on honoring him for his generosity.

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