Save the Puppies, Abort the Babies

The world is agog over the adorable goo-goo puppy eyes of the first dogs ever conceived in a test tube.

“We each took a puppy and rubbed it with a little towel and when it started to squiggle and cry, we knew we had success,” Dr. Alexander Travis, head of the lab at the Baker Institute for Animal Health at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in Ithaca, told The New York Post.

“Their eyes were closed. They were just adorable, cute, with smooshed-in faces. …”

Born on July 10, the seven new dogs truly are adorable, as the pictures show. No decent person would deny their appeal, would deny these animals happiness, care, lots of love and great homes.

But this begs the question: What about all the dogs sitting in shelters, kennels, pounds and strip-mall stores, cruelly kept in cages with little or no freedom, desperate for a “forever home”? What about all the dogs roaming the streets of some of our cities and towns, dogs abandoned and literally dying for someone to adopt them and treat them well?

Where’s the love for them?

We see those awful images splashed across the TV in public service ads, in commercials we reject and turn from as quickly as we can. These pitiful, abused, sad creatures often sit for days, weeks, months, years in shelters just waiting, begging, for a shot at a decent life.

Most of us change the channel. Far fewer of us ever set foot in these shelters and consider adopting a dog.

Noble efforts are underway in many quarters to save these abandoned dogs, especially during the holiday season. Good, kind, caring people work tirelessly on their behalf, and for little or no pay. Yet now we have this mad test tube trend, in part because the narcissistic of the world want the perfect canine accessory.

But even far beyond that — and well beyond that — what about all thehuman babies we are still aborting in this country? Do they NOT deserve people to go “gaga” over them, make a fuss, give a hoot, welcome them into the world?

Something is amiss when all over the globe people are going nuts over seven perfect little pink-tongued puppies bred in a lab, yet sincere and valiant efforts to save the life of unborn children in this country — to valueevery human life — go unfulfilled, unaddressed and mocked, even, all in the name of “personal choice.”

Five months old now, the designer dogs, some of them, are a mix of beagle, Labrador and cocker spaniel. And everyone wants a piece of these critters: All but one of the seven pups has been adopted already (the lab is keeping one for itself, so she can have her own litter. Of course!).

Yet there are thousands, maybe millions, of dogs in desperate need of homes and care and love. Where are the open doors for them?

There are also hundreds of thousands of abortions in this country each year. While the numbers are declining, 21 percent of all pregnancies in the U.S. still end in abortion. And there are scores of children awaiting adoption.

No one begrudges smart efforts to save endangered species, which is partly why the test-tube dogs were created. But where is the outcry for the deserving children of this world?

Before we throw a bone to adorable test-tube puppies, we need to reevaluate a few priorities. Fast. 

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