Minnesota bus aide fired after scuffle with 10-year-old boy

A scuffle on a Minnesota school bus between a bus aide and a 10-year-old boy that was caught on video has led to the aide’s ouster, Fox9.com reported.

The incident occurred on April 19, according to Fox9.com. The video shows bus assistant Laura Bunting, a Metropolitan Transportation Network employee, being hit in the head by a flying pencil. She appears to get annoyed when a boy on the bus is seen laughing.

She confronts the boy and the two exchange shoves, the report said. Bunting eventually grabs the boy by the neck, falls on top of him and punches him several times in the face. The two are eventually separated by the bus driver.

The boy’s father said his son suffered a concussion and still has headaches from the scuffle. He has since returned to school.

“Let’s not let this happen to any other kids,” the father said. “Let’s not let you work around kids.”