Kamala Harris, questioned on border crisis, snaps at TV interviewer: 'I'm not finished'

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Kamala Harris, questioned on border crisis, snaps at TV interviewer: 'I'm not finished'
Vice President Kamala Harris had a tense exchange with Univision anchor Ilia Calderón on Thursday over when she will visit the southern border.

During the interview, Calderón pressed Harris, who was assigned by President Biden to handle the border crisis, on how she herself has yet to make it down to the US-Mexico border to see the migrant crisis in person. 

"I've said I'm going to the border," Harris told the anchor. "And I-"

"When are you going to the border, Vice President?" Calderón asked during the remote conversation.

"I'm not finished," Harris interjected, along with a brief chuckle. "I've said I'm going to the border. And also, if we are going to deal with the problems at the border, we have to deal with the problems that cause people to go to the border, to flee to the border. So my first trip as vice president of the United States was to go -- in terms of a foreign trip -- to Guatemala, to be on the ground there to address and to be informed of the root causes why are the people of Guatemala leaving."

"Do you have a date for your trip to the border?" Calderón followed.

"I will keep you posted," Harris replied. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON OUR TOP STORY.

In other developments:
- Kamala Harris has gone 79 days without visit to border since being tapped for crisis role
- America Ferrera mocks Kamala Harris over US migrants' comments
- Darrell Issa invites VP Harris to visit the California-Mexico border
- Lara Trump rips Kamala Harris for 'absolute disaster' interview on border crisis
- Case of mistaken identity during Harris news conference sets internet on fire

Trump Justice Department seized records of Schiff, other House Democrats as it searched for leakers: report
The Department of Justice under former President Donald Trump subpoenaed data from Apple belonging to a pair of House Democrats – and a least a dozen people with ties to them – as it looked into leaks of classified information, The New York Times reported Thursday.

The records pulled included those of Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., who was the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee at the time, the Times reported, citing committee officials and two other people briefed on the inquiry.

At least one other Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee and at least 12 individuals with ties to the committee had their records pulled in 2017 and 2018, sources told the outlet.

On Thursday night, U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., told CNN that his data had been seized as part of the probe.

While the records did not link any members of the committee to the leaks, three sources told the Times that then-Attorney General William Barr directed that the Schiff-related investigations continue.

The Justice Department was also said to have obtained a gag order preventing Apple from alerting lawmakers. Those orders recently expired.

The investigations were an attempt to identify individuals who leaked classified national security information during Trump’s administration. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

In other developments:
- Conservative House Republican leaders meeting with Trump to chart GOP's future
- Police did not clear Lafayette Square so Trump could pose for photo with the Bible, IG says
- House GOP reelection arm posts record-breaking April fundraising haul

Eighth-grade girl blasts Virginia school board for policy that would allow 'boys into girls' locker rooms'
A 14-year-old in Virginia is speaking out about what she says is a sexist move by Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) to allow "boys into girls' locker rooms."

The policy followed a previous one, 1040, that committed the county to providing an equitable, safe and inclusive working environment regardless of "sexual orientation, gender identity" and other individual characteristics. The more recent proposed policy – 8350 – states in a draft that "students should be allowed to use the facility that corresponds to their gender identity."

At Tuesday's school board meeting, Jolene Grover, who was wearing a shirt that read "Woman is female" argued: "Two years ago, I was told policy 1040 was just an umbrella philosophy and you weren't going to allow boys into the girls' locker rooms. But here you are doing just that."

Grover is an eighth grader whose mom pulled her out of an LCPS school last year after seeing various controversial policies emerging. She is currently homeschooled.

"Everyone knows what a boy is – even you," she added, looking up at the board members. "Your proposed policies are dangerous and rooted in sexism. When woke kids ask me if I was a lesbian or a trans boy because I cut my hair short, it should tell you these modern identities are superficial." CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

In other developments:
- Virginia mom who survived Maoist China eviscerates school board's critical race theory push
- Teacher confronts Loudoun County school board's apparent progressive agenda in fiery speech: 'This isn't over'
- 'Army of moms' leading charge against Critical Race Theory in Virginia schools: Ian Prior


- CDC holding emergency meeting on heart inflammation in young males after COVID shot
- Louisiana mom accused of helping her 2 sons flee state after triple murder: reports
- Reputed MS-13 gang members get life in prison for brutal Maryland stabbing death
- Taxpayer-funded NPR mocks 'CaPitAliSm,' prompting calls to 'defund' media outlet
- TCU plan to drop ‘freshman,’ use ‘first-year student,’ draws mixed reactions: report

- First fully vaccinated cruise in North America reports 2 passengers test positive for COVID
- China's Uber-like service eyes blockbuster IPO
- California state regulators reverse controversial workplace mask rule
- Medicare copays for new Alzheimer's drug could soar
- Third member of US FDA advisory panel resigns over Alzheimer's drug approval

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U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., fell short when she tried to clarify and apologize for her "unthinkable atrocities" remarks about Israel, Fox News contributor Joey Jones said Thursday night on "Fox News @ Night" with Shannon Bream.

Bream asked Jones if Omar's statement, that she was "in no way equating terrorist organizations with democratic countries with well-established judicial systems," was an acceptable clarification.

"No, it’s not," Jones replied, "and I don’t expect one. I don’t expect her to come out and say she loves this country and the people that fight for it. 

"I’m not saying she doesn’t love this country," Jones continued, "I'm just saying she doesn’t care to say things about people, like myself, who have gone and fought these people."

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