California state worker tosses coffee at praying Muslim men in park

A California state worker was caught on video Wednesday making anti-Islamic remarks before throwing her coffee and an umbrella at a group of Muslim men who had been praying at a Bay Area park.

East Bay Regional Park District spokeswoman Carolyn Jones said the district’s police officers were forwarding the results of their investigation to the district attorney’s office for review, according to KNTV.

Jones said prosecutors will decide whether to charged Department of Corrections administrative worker Denise Slader. KNTV reported that police had that recommended misdemeanor battery charges be filed

Slader is a program technician with the department’s Adult Parole Operations, according to the Los Angeles Times. She was filmed at Lake Chabot Regional Park in Castro Valley by Rasheed Albeshari, who then posted the video on Facebook.

In the video, Slader stands with her purse, umbrella and a cup of coffee, saying Albeshari's "people have tortured" others. Albeshari said the woman also told the group that they were “brainwashed for believing in Allah.”

Despite attempts by a park ranger to defuse the situation, Slader was further recorded saying, “The people you tortured are going to be in eternity and heaven. You are very deceived by Satan. Your mind has been taken over, brainwashed and you have nothing but hate."

Slader reiterated to the Associated Press what she said in the video.

Albeshari told the Los Angeles Times he believes Slader’s actions were fueled by last week's San Bernardino massacre where two gunmen opened fire in an office building murdering 14 people and by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s remarks about Muslims.

Albeshari said he received support from many people in the area and called it surprising.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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