Animal shelter worker charged with cruelty after allegedly dumping dog in trash

A worker at a New York animal shelter has been arrested for allegedly tossing a dog into a trash bin.

Michael Papini, 30, of Long Island, was charged Friday with felony aggravated animal cruelty, animal abandonment, and other related charges, reports, citing the Suffolk County SPCA.

Papini, who works at the Town of Islip Animal Shelter, was arrested after the SPCA pored over video from a security camera that showed a black SUV pulling up to a garbage bin Monday morning. A man is seen getting out of the truck, and is seen throwing a black bag into the bin, SPCA Chief Roy Gross told the website. The footage reportedly led detectives to Papini.

The dog found in the trash bin behind a gas station along a Long Island highway was a female Lhasa apso. Gross told MyFoxNY that inside the bin was a garbage bag that contained a pet carrier. Gross said he believes the dog chewed its way out of the carrier and then the garbage bag, but could not get out of the bin.

The dog was eventually found by a man rummaging through the bin who then called police.

The abandoned dog was treated at an animal shelter and then taken to a shelter.

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