Breast implants and other strange things left at hotel chain

This proves the old adage that many of us would forget our heads if they weren't screwed on.

The U.K. hotel chain Travelodge has revealed some of the more unusual items left behind in its hotels rooms over the past year.

The Daily Telegraph reports that besides a set of breast implants, keys to a Bugatti sports car, a diamond encrusted iPhone and a $975 Persian Chinchilla kitten were also left in rooms.  Harry Potter's original wand from the film set was also left behind, along with a $82,000 Rolex watch, a set of four Power Rangers costumes, and some live crabs.

"Our lost and found departments provide plenty of revelations," said a spokesman for the hotel chain told The Telegraph. "What is becoming evident after speaking to customers is that the pace of life has become so fast and we are so eager to get from A to B that priceless processions are easily being forgotten."

Some of the ordinary items left behind at various hotel locations were toys, especially Teddy Bears (some 76,000 alone were reunited with their owners last year says the chain) and phone changers. The most commonly forgotten book: EL James’s Fifty Shades of Grey.  Maybe those were intentional.

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