Will an old TV wall mount fit a new TV?

Q. I have a plasma big-screen on a TV wall mount that can be pulled out from the wall and angled. If I replace my old TV, will its wall mount be compatible with a new one? Is there a universal standard for hook-up attachments?—David Sawyer, Wilmington, NC

A. Most new TVs are VESA-compliant, that is, they meet guidelines set by the Video Electronics Standards Association. That means they conform to standards for features like the mounting holes on the back. (A VESA 75x75 means that the holes are 75 millimeters apart horizontally and 75 millimeters apart vertically.) Once you remove your old TV, measure the distances between the holes. Then check the manuals for the new TVs you're considering purchasing for the VESA standard to see whether your old TV wall mount is compatible. If it’s not (or if the new set is a lot heavier), you’ll probably need a new TV wall mount.

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