It isn't the money that Stephen O'Laughlin lost during his waiter's shift at a Kansas City, Mo., restaurant that bothers him—it's the principle of being stiffed. "There are so many waiters and bartenders in the world, and I feel like it’s a story a lot of waiters can relate to," he tells Fox 4.

The "story" he's referring to is that two women came into his establishment, ordered two drinks, had a couple of laughs with a few of their guy friends, then walked out without paying the $6.50 bill.

O'Laughlin couldn't run after them, so he did the next best thing: shamed them on Craigslist. "You are very two gorgeous SWF—both blonde—who walked out on your tab on Thursday at a mid-townesk location … on 3/5/15 at around 3:45pm," he writes in the "Missed Connections" section (usually reserved for romance), complete with a pic of the empty glasses and receipts.

He then details the drinks they ordered—"one was a wheat, … the other was a Traveler-Grapefruit"—as well as their lemon-squeezing technique. "One lemon is squished REALLY hard [perhaps one of you is neurotic (like me!), and one looks like it's just been plopped in all laid back like (also like me!)] Look, I don't want to read too much into the non-verbals of your lemon-squeezings, but it seems like the three of us have a lot in common." O'Laughlin's photo went viral on social media, though he tells Fox 4 "it's honestly not a big issue to me one way or the other. … It's a funny way to go about dealing with any problems you have." Still, he's left wondering.

"Maybe this goes beyond petty criminal theft," he concludes in the ad. "Maybe this is love? … If you both feel this bond—and/or want to pay for your tab—message me." (Click for a tale of much nicer restaurant diners.)

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