Virginia Family Harassed by Spam Emails From Dead Mother's Account

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Nearly two years after her mother's death, Cassie Woods is still receiving emails from her account -- but they aren't from her mother.

Paula Case's email account was reportedly hijacked by a hacker, who is using the account to spam her address book with emails advertising "male enhancement," "cheap viagra" and work-at-home schemes.

"I don't think it's fair that me and my sisters have to suffer seeing an email from my mom that's not even here," Woods told WUSA9 television.

The emails reportedly began about two months ago, nearly two years after Case died of scleroderma.

After trying to close the account and finding that the hacker had changed the password and alternate email address, the family contacted Yahoo. Yahoo reportedly requires Chase's death certificate in order to close the account.

The family is now working to obtain the death certificate. Meanwhile, the emails continue.

For more on Cassie Woods' struggle with Yahoo, visit WUSA9.