Thieves storm Apple store and take $13k of iPhones

Last Wednesday, a group of seven individuals walked into an Apple Store in Natick, Massachusetts and calmly carried out a highly orchestrated yet not too sophisticated heist. Clad in hoodies and low-riding hats as to hide their identity as best they could, the group of individuals circled around an iPhone display table and systematically cut all of the security cords before snagging 19 iPhones and fleeing the premises on foot.

Impressively, the thieves were rather disciplined and efficient, with the entire operation from start to finish, only taking 126 seconds. Per the Natick Police Department, the value of the stolen iPhones is somewhere in the range of $13,000.

The suspects are still at large and authorities apparently remain unsure as to the identities of the thieves. It is believed that this iPhone theft crew may have carried out a similar attack at another Apple retail store location as well.

The Boston Globe adds: "A similar incident happened at the Apple store at the Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham in September, where about a dozen teenagers rushed the store and stole 22 phones.

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Natick police said the two incidents might be connected."

Police posted a video of the heist which you can check out over here.