Tech Q&A: Facebook, app-making tools, autocorrect and more

Want to see only what you want on Facebook and know more about app-making tools and autocorrect? Then read this column.

See only what you want on Facebook

Q. I use Facebook for two things: family and connecting with military friends. Is there a way to keep these separate so I can easily find one or the other?

A. Facebook has a list system that lets you create lists of friends and lists of interests. When you select a list, you'll see a News Feed with only the friends or pages you selected. To access your friend lists, load Facebook and look in the left-hand column. Facebook already has premade lists for family, but you can create your own by clicking on the "Friends" heading. Scroll down further and you'll see the Interests section. Click the "Interests" heading to create a new interest list. Click here for the steps to make lists and customize what you see on Facebook.

Tools to make your own app

Q. I had a great idea for an app, but I'm not sure how to get it made. Who should I talk to?

A. If the app is basic enough, you could try doing it yourself using a simple app-creation tool like Appy Pie or YoYo Games' GameMaker: Studio. These don't require any programming knowledge. Click here to get a bid on an app built by professional developers.

Do you really need a computer?

Q. I need to buy a new computer, but I'm wondering if a tablet will work instead?

A. Many people are turning to inexpensive portable tablets over bulky computers. Any modern tablet will work fine for streaming videos, reading email, checking Facebook, Internet browsing, video chatting, casual gaming, banking, shopping and even light photo editing and word processing. If you need to do heavier typing, you can always get a physical Bluetooth keyboard. Click here to learn what to do if you still need to run Windows programs.

Slash your heating bill

Q. It's getting colder and my energy bill is already through the roof. Any ideas to bring it down?

A. Your first step is to get a programmable thermostat, if you don't have one. This lets you heat your house only when you actually need to. If you go for a smart thermostat, it can learn your daily habits for even better control. Once that's done, learn four more things on my site that you can do to cut your heating bill.

Online jobs for retirees

Q. I retired from 34 years as an electrician. I'm going to need some little jobs to keep up with expenses. What would you suggest for a guy in my situation?

A. TaskRabbit is one of the most popular sites for this kind of short-term work. You sign up and go through the verification process. Then, when people request little jobs in your area, TaskRabbit notifies you so you can go help out and get paid. The site handles payments, so you don't have to waste time messing with invoices or chasing down clients who don't pay.

Another service to check out is Gigwalk. Click here for two more jobs that are perfect for retirees.

Bonus: Take control of autocorrect

Q. I sent my mom a text yesterday from my iPhone and autocorrect changed it to something I don't even want to repeat. How can I stop this from happening?

A. If you want to turn off autocorrect on an Apple gadget, tap Settings>>General>>Keyboard, then toggle Auto-Correction to Off. That will fix the problem, but you'll also spend more time re-typing words autocorrect would have fixed for you. Learn some tricks to make autocorrect work the way you want it to. Have an Android gadget? Here are some instructions for you as well.

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