Tech can make us more attractive

Lights ... camera .... retouch!

A Hungarian pop star recently revealed how tech really does make you more attractive. A music video put out by singer / songwriter Boggie is a simulation, of course; Gizmodo smartly points out that such a digital transformation "requires extensive masking, tracking and rotoscoping." But the video's message is clear: Everyone, from Beyonce to Britney, uses tech to appear flawless in front of the screen.

And that should make us average Joes feel a little better.

If your password is on this list, re-set immediately. complied a list of the worst passwords of 2013 from adobe users following a well-publicized security breach. The weakest on the list? 123456, the word "password" (wow, Captain Obvious!) And 111111.  And you wonder why someone hacked into your computer? Come on, people!

You know how the perfect song can really enhance a moment? Imagine running a marathon and your iPod automatically blares the "Rocky theme? That far-off dream may become a reality thanks to Spotify. A new feature being discussed by the music service could use sensors on the listener's body to measure their heart rate, and use it to select appropriate music.

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