Samsung's foldable Galaxy X could look like this

Samsung is rumored to be planning a foldable smartphone for early next year it's planning to call the Galaxy X. But if a new leak is any indication, it might be a tad bit ugly — and bulky.

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The folks over at Let's Go Digital have unearthed a patent filing from Samsung that shows how the foldable Galaxy X might work. The patent suggests there are two screens and a strip that connects the two. When the screens are folded atop each other, that strip between the two juts out like a loop.

Also notable from the patent filing, which was reported on by BGR, is Samsung's decision to combine different generations of devices. The left screen appears to have thin bezels all around and no physical button. The right display, however, has a traditional smartphone design with a physical button under it. Some sensors above the screen appear to show a camera and front-facing scanners, including an iris and face scanner.

Of course, big companies like Samsung file for patents all the time. And it's possible that this design is just one of many iterations that the company was testing. So, it's possible that the final device will look nothing like what we're seeing in the patent.

Here's why we hope this design isn't legit. When the two portions are folded, the smartphone appears to be rather thick and bulky.

Samsung, of course, is remaining tight-lipped on its foldable smartphone. But the company did confirm earlier this year that if all went well in production, the Galaxy X could make its debut in early 2018. That has prompted many to speculate that the smartphone, which has been in the works for years, could finally make its debut at CES in Las Vegas next month.

For now, take the latest Samsung patent filing with a proverbial grain of salt. But get ready to see the Galaxy X in short order.