Russian weapons company unveils 13-foot tall 'gold killer robot'

A well-known Russian weapons manufacturing company has unveiled a 13-foot golden walking killer robot that looks like something out of "RoboCop."

Kalashnikov Concern presented a large, strange-looking bulletproof robot that’s in development at the Army 2018 fair near Moscow and posted a video of the machine on its website.

The gold robot, which the company calls a “controlled bipedal walker,” reportedly weighs 4.5 tons and can hold objects with its claws, potentially including weapons.

A cabin can be seen behind the robot’s glass panels where people could sit and operate it from inside.

The company’s site explains the machine is designed for “engineering and combat solutions.”


(Kalashnikov Concern)

Vladimir Dmitriev, from Kalashnikov Concern, told the Daily Mail: “This robot is probably one of the hottest new models of the ‘Army 2018.’ Currently it is only a demonstration of the path we are planning on following.”

“We understand that there are robotic machines driving on caterpillar and wheel drive, we also understand that there will be demand for anthropomorphic automatic movable systems,” he added.

About 1,200 Russian defense companies and weapon manufacturers take part in the Army 2018 event, reports the Daily Mail, displaying an estimated 26,000 pieces of weaponry and military equipment.