PlayStation VR headset rumored for fall launch

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It looks like we've got a launch window for PlayStation's virtual reality headset, the PSVR -- well, sort of. GameStop CEO Paul Raines inadvertently gave up the goods during an interview discussing the state of the American tax season.

“We are right now preparing for the launches of the major VR products, so we’re in discussions with Oculus, with HTC Vive and with Sony," Raines told Fox Business. "It's a big launch, we’re getting ready for it.  We will launch the Sony product this fall, and we are in discussions with the other two players.”

Sony has yet to confirm or deny Raines' statement, but so far this is the most information available concerning Sony's launch plans for the highly anticipated headset. Along with an actual launch date, pricing is still a major unknown for the PSVR, but the rumored cost is between $400 and $600.  

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If the fall time frame is accurate, it could potentially place Sony's headset at a disadvantage. The Oculus Rift is due to start shipping March 28 and HTC will begin taking pre-orders for the Vive, February 29.

However, as the top-selling console in the U.S., PlayStation already has a built-in customer base that will be potentially primed and ready to purchase the device for the holidays -- if the price is right.