Playbutton: A new way to listen to and wear your music

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You can wear your music on your sleeve with Playbutton, a new way to fashionably listen to your music.

The new Playbutton gadget is an MP3 player in button form that allows you to plug your headphones in and listen to an entire album or mix-tape of your favorite artists.

“We wanted to bring back a physical piece of music in the digital space, where you listen to the full album in the sequence it was actually meant to -- as a full piece of art,” Adam Tichauer, Playbutton CEO told

Tichauer's company has collaborated with several high-profile artists to design and create Playbuttons, including Lady Gaga, The XX, Florence and the Machine, and a limited edition Justin Bieber “Believe” button. The button’s front design has the artist's album cover on it and comes in a unique box with a USB cable for charging on your computer.

Located on the back of the buttons' are the MP3 control notches to play a song, pause it, or step forward and backwards through the music.

Most recently Playbutton introduced customizable buttons to consumers. Simply log onto the site and upload the image you want on a batch of at least 25 buttons. Playbutton has fielded requests from soccer teams, wedding parties, and other groups, Tichauer said.

Playbutton is also partnering with clothing brands and retailers like Barneys, Zara, TopMan and Diane Von Furstenberg. The DVF Playbutton -- titled “Proud to be Woman Vol. 3” -- aims to raise awareness around various women’s causes and honors Oprah Winfrey, actress Jessica Alba, photographer Fran Lebowitz and Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

The limited edition buttons can be bought in DVF stores and online.