OnLive Launches One-Click Instay Play Gaming

Cloud gaming has made some serious strides as of late, but OnLive is looking to push the envelop even further with several big announcements. The gaming platform has undergone a major update to its in-browser gaming capability. Now Mac and PC-gamers can quickly access OnLive's game catalog as well as media from content partners buttons with a simple click of a button in almost any browser.

The one-click, instant play functionality delivers full-featured web-based gameplay. It also bypasses the hassle of having to login at every use and lets players get to the business at hand -- gaming. Players will be instantly be launched into the game and have full access to OnLive features. One-click in-browser gaming is currently limited to web notebooks, but will extended to mobile devices including smartphones and tablets as well as OnLive-enabled televisions in the near future.

In addition to one-click in-browser gaming, OnLive is also making moves to create a more social gaming experience, launching OnLive MultiView. This new feature allows players to play a game and simultaneously watch and voice chat on three additional games. Building on the company's solid spectating feature, OnLive Multiview offers a picture-in-picture perspective with voice and text chat capabilities. Fans of mulitplayer and co-op play can utilize this feature to better synchronize their actions making for a smoother gaming experience. The system will automatically update as teammates enter and leave the match, enabling a quicker change of strategy.

OnLive recently demoed its cloud gaming service on LG's SmartTV with Google TV on the E3 show floor. Thanks to LG’s L9 dual-core processor, the television can easily stream from OnLive's portfolio, navigating the interface via the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller. Speaking of games, OnLive will also be expanding its whopping game catalog with a number of titles from major developers and publishers including "Hitman: Absolution," "Aliens: Colonial Marines," "Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Gods & Kings," and "South Park: The Stick of Truth."